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An Interview with You

Encourage your students to take part in this project by producing their own video showcasing their community, their lives, and their lived experience.

Published onMar 01, 2022
An Interview with You

What happens when we let students lead the conversation? What insights can they reveal and amplify when they go out into their communities to do their own research? What happens when we encourage and facilitate students to sit down and talk with other people to learn their stories?

Sample parameters

Our practice for producing this project was meeting folks in their communities, asking them guiding questions in efforts to have an inquisitive conversation, and then asking them to read Hughes’s poem. Students can follow this process, or create a new one as a class.

Sample materials required

  • Camera - photographic or video recording (depending on the desired format)

  • Copy of “Let America be America Again”

  • Questions to prompt discussion

Sample questions

  1. What is your name and where do you live? (Town and county)

  2. How long have you been in _______?

  3. What place are you showing us today - and why?

  4. What brought you here?

  5. What do you do here?

  6. What do you enjoy about this place - and why?

  7. What are your favorite memories here?

  8. What does this place mean to you?

  9. What do you think this place means to the rest of North Carolina?

  10. What does diversity mean to you and why?

  11. What does America mean to you and why?

  12. Something we are interested in is trying to bring together and celebrate the diversity of NC - at a time when the country is facing great division. How do you think we can all help heal?

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