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New Hanover County, NC

In New Hanover County, we were able to speak with Kristin Holloman-Noe at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

Published onMay 10, 2022
New Hanover County, NC

New Hanover County, NC

In speaking with Kristin Holloman-Noe at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher in New Hanover County, not only were we surrounded by beautiful animals and sanctuaries, but we also learned about how North Carolina is a “state of people and things and animals and places.” The people of North Carolina are just one piece of the puzzle -- and as the Aquarium emphasizes, we need to protect and preserve the other pieces too. In doing so, our conversation with Kristin emphasized the need of decentering anthropocentrism when we consider diversity.

In working with the education sector of the Aquarium, Kristin is able to travel across the state and bring education to folks all over. In doing so, Kristin teaches people about the importance of conservation, about the animals themselves, and helps foster an appreciation for the natural world. Through this work, Kristin facilitates educational opportunities for students that may not be able to travel to visit the Aquarium in person. Thus, Kristin and the Aquarium demonstrate a commitment to overcoming the opportunity-gap while supporting inclusion and equity. 

Importantly, the Aquarium itself works in conservation efforts for frogs, sharks, turtles, and various fish. Moreover, the Aquarium, as situated in New Hanover County, recognizes their capacity to teach the public about the importance of environmental conservation -- especially due to frequent issues in their community with flooding and water quality. 

Like many coastal regions, Eastern North Carolina faces many hurricanes each year. Our coastline is ever-changing as a result.

The NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher is home to four sea otters.

This albino alligator is named Luna.

To learn more about the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher, please visit their website.

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